Adam Shostack: Secure Systems Lead to Success

Adam Shostack is an experienced security professional who’s worked for more than two decades with some of the leading firms in the industry. Perhaps better than many organizations know, Mr. Adam Shostack recognizes the importance of having systems operate in a secure network. He’s seen the security industry evolve with the growth of technology, and appreciates the role it plays in a firm’s success.

As more and more company assets continue to be recorded, processed and stored in electronic form, the value of this data grows. The Internet has also made it possible to have new business models that incorporate security as a vital factor in their growth and success.

According to Adam Shostack, Experts in the security industry agree on the importance of having it included in the development and operation process because it can’t be added at a later stage. The decisions made early in the security design process by professionals tasked with building it are crucial to reducing system vulnerabilities and other potential areas of attacks. Taking a measured approach to security ensures that later costs are better anticipated and managed.


Author: adamshostack

Adam Shostack is grateful for the opportunity to have served on the Seattle Privacy Coalition Board since 2015.Entrepreneur and technologist Adam Shostack focuses on providing customers with expert security analysis and solutions that work to improve security outcomes for their organizations

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