Adam Shostack: Privacy

Adam Shostack has decades of experience as a cybersecurity expert, and his work has enabled him to research extensively into the issue of privacy in the digital world. Like many experts, Adam Shostack is aware of the importance of privacy with the advancement of technology and is continually looking at better ways of ensuring privacy is respected.

The modern digital world is perhaps witnessing a great technological revolution as the world transforms from a paper-based society to a digital one. As part of that transformation, technology is being pushed to the limit, with the new world consisting of common technologies such as dishwashers and televisions, to less familiar ones such as military weapons systems, emergency response systems and process control systems for power plants. As these technologies become vital and casual, so too does information, including personal and intellectual property.

Innovations in information technology will no doubt continue to make life more productive and help solve difficult problems. While these advancements are compelling, they also have the potential to put individuals at high risk of losing their security and privacy.

Adam Shostack is the co-author of The New School of Information Security.


Author: adamshostack

Adam Shostack is grateful for the opportunity to have served on the Seattle Privacy Coalition Board since 2015.Entrepreneur and technologist Adam Shostack focuses on providing customers with expert security analysis and solutions that work to improve security outcomes for their organizations

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