Adam Shostack: Answering the Tough Questions on Information Security

Adam Shostack and Andrew Stewart are the authors of 2008’s The New School of Information Security – a book that seeks not only to answer the tough questions about information security, but also to provide anyone from CIOs and IT managers to company security specialists a new way of thinking when it comes to identifying, addressing and resolving the most complex and urgent security problems facing the modern organization.

As experts in information security, Adam Shostack and Andrew Stewart offer unique insight into the challenges faced throughout the field of security – as well as:

• How to gather the evidence needed to make better decisions when it comes to information security.

• Why collaboration is so essential to improving cybersecurity in the current era, and how the industry can come together to take significant leaps forward.

• What security industry leaders can learn from other scientific fields when it comes to improving security.


Author: adamshostack

Adam Shostack is grateful for the opportunity to have served on the Seattle Privacy Coalition Board since 2015.Entrepreneur and technologist Adam Shostack focuses on providing customers with expert security analysis and solutions that work to improve security outcomes for their organizations

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