Adam Shostack: Recent Addition to the Continuum Security Advisory Board

Noted threat modeling expert Adam Shostack is proud to serve on the Continuum Security Advisory Board – a role that was made official in May of 2018. As a member of the Board, Shostack looks to contribute his considerable knowledge of and expertise in threat modeling and information security toward the development of solutions that make security a key component of the development lifecycle.

As Adam Shostack knows, Continuum Security is focused on building the tools information security and development professionals need to test and manage software security. Continuum’s aim is to develop processes and tools that integrate seamlessly within the normal development process – rather than as an addition with the potential to slow down development. Continuum is responsible for the IriusRisk Threat Modeling Program – a solution for creating threat models and managing application risks throughout the process of development.

Continuum officially announced Shostack to the Advisory Board last May.


Author: adamshostack

Adam Shostack is grateful for the opportunity to have served on the Seattle Privacy Coalition Board since 2015.Entrepreneur and technologist Adam Shostack focuses on providing customers with expert security analysis and solutions that work to improve security outcomes for their organizations

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